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Pet Dog




When bringing a dog into your home not everything goes as planned. For many, it can be very difficult getting a dog to coexist and live harmoniously among its new family. Living with a fearful, anxious, nervous, or simply out of control dog can bring a lot of stress and can be frustrating. We want you to know that the way your dog behaves today, is not the way your dog can behave tomorrow.


WE TRAIN DOGS trains all dogs, regardless of size, breed or history. It is important to not only teach solid obedience commands, but to provide each and every owner with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve long term results.


Our In-Home Pet Dog Training Program is great place to start for a wide variety of reasons. New dog owners looking to be proactive in achieving a balanced relationship with their furry friend will benefit immensely. Some owners struggling with their current dog simply need a bit of guidance on their path to a harmonious relationship. Our In-Home Pet Dog Training Program will include but is not limited to walking on a loose leash, sit, down, wait, place, recall, and creating structure in the home.

Our purpose is to assist families in teaching their dog obedience, manners and other needed skills so that they can have a happy and enjoyable life together.

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